Want free money?


Welcome to the Endless Media Referral System. It's simple. If you know of someone who is looking to get graphic design, web design or content creation work done, refer them to us and we will give you 10% of their quote as money in your pocket. It's that easy.

How does it work?

1. The Connect

You know of someone looking to get some graphics, websites or content created.

2. The Referral

You refer Endless Media to the person via this page on our website and let them know we can assist with their needs.

3. The Meet

We make contact with the person and let them know that you referred us to them. We discuss their needs and send them a proposal showing them how we can assist them.

4. The Payout

Upon completion of the project, we make contact with you and let you know that your lead has successfully completed their project with us and inform your of your payout.

Requirements and Important Info


  • All referrals will have to be sent through this webpage (www.endlessmedia.co.za/referral-system). Any referrals sent by others means will not be legible to receive the 10% cashback payment.
  • A valid South African bank account.
  • Valid contact details for the lead.

Important Info:

  • The payout will only occur once a project has been successfully completed by us.
  • All payouts will be 10% of the final quote and price accepted by client.
  • There will only be one payout per project per invoice. This will be a once-off payout upon completion of the project.
  • You will be contacted by a member of our team to confirm your banking details and inform you of the completed project and the payment due to you.
  • Payments will ONLY be made via EFT into a valid South African bank account.

Endless Media is a design agency that focuses on graphic design, web design and content creation.

Thank you for showing interest in Endless Media.

We really appreciate you and thinking of us. Please fill out the form with your contact details and the lead's contact details. We will contact the lead as soon as possible and keep your updated on the process.